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Shop Local BINGO Returns!

Get ready to win big when you shop at your local stores! Wichita County Economic Development, in partnership with the E-Community Leadership Team, is again sponsoring the Shop Local BINGO contest.

Beginning September 1, participants can shop at local businesses, visit Wichita County Attractions and meet local officials to gather stamps and win. Participants will have until September 30 to collect stamps. Once a BINGO card has been fully blacked out, participants can turn it in to be eligible to win Leoti Business Bucks. In 2015, the winner received $500 in Leoti Business Bucks. Secondary prizes will be available for those who turn in cards with a BINGO or a W (see the advertisement).

WCED staff and board members will be handing out free popcorn, along with Shop Local BINGO cards on August 31 from 4:30 to 6:30 at the four-way. After August 31, participants can pick up cards at local businesses or at the Wichita County Economic Development office, located at 106 West Broadway.

“We want to encourage people to explore a business they may have never been in before,” Wichita County Economic Development Director Diana Kirk explains, “This is also an opportunity to encourage people to shop their local stores.” Families can work together to fill out BINGO cards, or individuals can fill out their own card.

The Shop Local BINGO contest will end on September 30. Completed cards must be turned into the Wichita County Economic Development office by 3pm on October 2. Happy Shopping!


  1. The Shop Local BINGO contest is open to everyone, residents & non-residents of Wichita County included.
  2. Family units may participate together, working to fully complete one or more BINGO cards.
  3. BINGO cards that have been blacked out will be eligible to win $500 in Leoti Business Bucks. BINGO cards with a W will be eligible for secondary prizes. BINGO cards with a BINGO (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) will be eligible for secondary prizes.
  4. All participants who turn in a blacked out BINGO card will automatically receive $20 in Leoti Business Bucks.
  5. Stamps or signatures are given by the businesses to the participants at the discretion of the business. Participants may be required to pay admission, complete a minimal task or purchase $5 in goods before the stamp or signature will be given.
  6. Winners are responsible for any taxes or other fees associated with prizes.
  7. Winners & participants release Wichita County, Wichita County Economic Development, Inc, its boards, representatives and employees from any liabilities associated with participation in the Shop Local BINGO contest.
  8. The decision of Wichita County Economic Development, Inc is final.
  9. Cards must be turned in to the Wichita County Economic Development office no later than 3pm on October 3.
  10. Address further questions & comments to: WCED, (620)375-2182 or email wced@wbsnet.org or stop by 106 W. Broadway in Leoti.

Wichita County Farm & Art Market

The Wichita County Farm & Art Market will take place on the county courthouse lawn each Wednesday (weather permitting) from 5 to 6:30. The market will start the first Wednesday in May and continue through the end of October. For more information or to become a vendor, contact WCED at (620)375-2182 or wced@wbsnet.org. To participate, please see the rules: Artisan Market Rules 2016

Donate now to the WCHS Track Fund through Wichita County Community Foundation

The WCHS Track Fund reached $242,000 by December 31. Thanks to many great donors for making this possible! We are halfway to the goal. Don’t miss AIM for the Track 5K on April 18 and Flapjacks for the Track on June 6 to raise money to reach the finish line.

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Rural Opportunity Zones are 50 counties that have been authorized to offer one or both of the following financial incentives to new full-time residents:

  • Kansas income tax waivers for up to five years
  • Student loan repayments up to $15,000

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